Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Here are some great tips for those that are interested in pike fishing. Some fundamental equipment is necessary for this kind of fishing. Some of it is specialized unlike fishing equipment for other species of fish.
  • The correct tackle that includes large micromesh landing net, unhooking mat, and strong wire cutters, bolt croppers that are small in size, wire traces, scales and weigh slings are necessary.
  • Pike fishes have really sharp teeth that can easily cut through the ordinary line and this is the reason that wire traces should be used. The trace should be 15 inches long (minimum). This is irrespective of whether a person is bait fishing or lure fishing. Since ultra thin traces are quite easily available, it isn't necessary to drop below the 28 pounds for breaking the strain.
  • Barbed hooks and semi barbless hooks, doubles and even trebles can be used when pike fishing. The barbless variety is better as compared to barbed since it is easier to unhook these. Further it also helps in the conservation of the pike fish.
  • Always opt for a stronger line rather than a lighter line. Depending on the type of material that is used, the weight will differ. 15 pounds is the recommendation if the fiber is nylon monofilament and 30 pounds is a braided line is used. The pike rods that are used for fishing also have a test curve of two and a half pounds for the bait fishing. The bite indicators as well as the floats are also required.
  • Those that especially go for fishing the pike should have a reel that is capable of holding about 100 meters of the line that you have chosen. Landing nets for catching the fish are required also. If it's a triangular net, then each side should measure at least 36 inches or 3 feet. If it is a round net, then the diameter should be 30 inches.
  • The strong forceps are required when the fish needs to be unhooked. The weigh slings and an unloading mat will enable the fishermen to complete their fishing expedition quite easily.
  • The hooks must be placed correctly in the bait; whether it is live bait fishing or dead bait fishing. This will also enable the fishermen to effectively unhook the pike with minimal damage to the pike. When live baiting is done, one hook should go in the dorsal while the other hook will go behind the pectoral.
  • It is important that the pikes don't digest or eat the baits deeply. This is reason that the bite indication should be done which is dependable. Floats drop off indicators, weighted indicators and audible alarms should also be used.
  • The fishermen should always strike when they are sure that the pike has bitten the bait, especially if the float can be seen moving. Fishermen must always assume that the pike is reasonably big and strike at it really fast. The pikes that are deeply hooked can take time to recover from the damage when set free.
Pike fishing is an enjoyable sport when all precautions and requirements are met.

The Secret to Effectively Catch Northern Pike

Pike fish are often found in the cold regions. Catching pike will definitely need more effort from you than catching other types of fish. Fishing pike has become one of the most popular sports today. If you want to fish for pike yourself, you definitely need good fishing tackle to make it possible. Catching pike fish will only be possible if you have the appropriate fishing tackle.

The best fishing tackle is surely the secret to catching the most aloof of northern pike. However, choosing the best fishing tackle is always a challenge for anglers. For you to be able to determine if you are getting great and worthy fishing tackle, here are the things that you should look for in your equipment:

  • Pricing is a very important factor in choosing for the right fishing tackle. Never give in to something just because it’s expensive. Being expensive is never proof that it has high quality. You can certainly find good fishing tackle with just the right price that will fit in your budget.
  • Always ask for expert advice when it comes to choosing fishing gear or equipment. It is true that you can learn a lot from books but it is always more effective to hear it from the experts.
  • Be open-minded. Not all the things you know about fishing gear is right. It may be all that’s left on the table isn’t enough. Be open to choosing anything provided that it will improve your fishing.

Pike fishing is a great activity that every person can indulge in. It can serve different purposes which may include the following:

  • This activity can help you get rid of the stress you are feeling due to various reasons. You can do pike fishing occasionally to bond with your family and friends and have fun. By doing this, you are not only helping yourself to rule out those stress feelings but you are also strengthening ties with your loved ones at the same time. You just have to make sure that you will all have some fun fishing. To ensure fun while fishing you can be more creative and think of different activities you can incorporate with it. Things like swimming and boating.
  • Fishing can be a very good source of income. If you are tired of working for others and improving other’s businesses, you can start up your own business through fishing. Fish industry has been one of the major industries in the world of business since business began. However, in building your own business that involves fishing, you must make sure that you are ready and knowledgeable enough. Pursuing this kind of business requires a lot of considerations that you must not failto take into account first.
  • Fishing is also one of the most popular sports today. One of the most popular kinds of fish that anglers are fond of catching today are northern pike. Northern pike can definitely give you the adrenalin that you won’t get from catching regular fish. More and more people are getting involved with this sport as it gives a different type of contentment and challenge. In fact, some people find fishing northern pike more challenging and demanding than any other sports today. Like doing business with fishing, you also have to learn about it first if you want to pursue a career on sport fishing.

Since fishing has become one of the most popular activities today, you might also want to know a thing or two about it. In fishing, you must have the best fishing tackle so you can catch fish with ease. Fishing tackle is a general term used for all kinds and types of fishing gear or equipment you can think of. There are many kinds of fishing tackle that you can choose from.

Fishing tackle includes the following:

  • Fish hook, line and sinker – Fish hooks are used to capture fish. Hooks are where fishermen attach bait like worms and small fish to attract fish. Fish line is where the fish hook is attached. Fish line is made up of linen, nylon, silk or cotton. Sinkers are merely the weight used to push the bait deep into the water. Sinkers also help in increasing the distance where you can throw your bait. They are often made of lead.
  • Fish bait – Fishing baits are usually used to attract fish. There are a lot of kinds of bait that you can choose from. These include worms, bait fish, leeches, frogs, minnows, nightcrawlers, salamanders and various kinds of insects. Choosing the right bait also helps you get a nice catch of fish.
  • Fishing rods – Fishing rods are poles where the fish hook and line are attached. This is one fishing tackle that you’ll definitely need to catch fish. There are many available brands of fishing rods that may differ in quality and durability.

There are definitely many kinds of fishing tackle that you can use to help you catch northern pike and other game fish.